Throughout our trajectory, we have developed different projects with which we have been able to experiment and learn in order to be faithful to our own essence: to be in continuous improvement.

Ücan proyect

ÜCAN is a project focused on the dissemination of health, care and mental wellness through tools that help improve emotional management and curb misinformation about myths that negatively impact our mental health. We connect with people through talks, podcasts, events, digital content and many new ways that we will discover as the needs of our stakeholders arise.


We created Zurekin Bat to promote active and healthy aging of the elderly, for this we seek to connect our elders with the youngest and create a synergy of mutual learning, for this we take children to different nursing homes to perform various activities together.

Essiz is a clothing brand aimed at the incomparable people. We innovate and make people find their style in Essiz, and we want people to follow the process and learn with us through videos on the KZ Podcast.

KZ podcast tries to bring KAIZEN and life in LEINN closer to all its listeners through different chapters about the projects under development and some anecdotes about the process.

DRIPPYY clothing

We are Drippyy, a youth clothing brand focused on urban and contemporary fashion. Our goal is to offer high quality and stylish clothing for those looking for a fresh and modern look. At Drippyy, we believe that clothing should not only be comfortable and functional, but also a form of personal expression.